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Network Emulation

The Internet, private wide area networks, and cloud services represent some of the aspects that connect the user to their application. As users demand faster response and more complex data from their applications, the networks carrying this data are under greater pressure to meet these expectations. To truly test out applications before rolling it out to the users, network emulation must be used. Network emulation is also referred to as wan emulation.

Network emulation is used by manufacturers, service providers, and applications developers to verify the robustness of their network product or application. A wan emulator recreates the real world effects seen in the network. Standard features of a network emulator include filtering, impairments, modifiers, and routing.

Filtering allows the wan emulator to separate traffic into different groups to represent different networks. Therefore, a network emulator emulates multiple network scenarios between two emulator ports. Even though end devices are only feet apart and connected to the same server through the emulator, device

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